As I read another blogger’s posting a couple of days ago, I was introduced to a lyric by Leonard Cohen that has reverberated in me since first reading it. Cohen’s lyrics often echo with haunting truths that are not easily passed over or set aside, and this is one of those for me.

The lyric is from “Anthem.”

There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in

Having first read these lines outside the context of the song, they took on a personal dimension that perhaps Cohen never imagined as he penned them. They are part of a larger mosaic that cannot be appreciated by standing so close. But that was my vantage point when I first encountered them. Close. And they spoke a profound truth.

How is it that light invades my heart? How have I begun to believe the depth of God’s grace, mercy, and unfailing love? What has allowed the truth of who God is to cross that often stubbornly impassable bridge between my head and my heart? What allows light into the darkest areas of my soul to begin transforming me from the inside?


How will that truth change me today? Will my shame of those cracks drive me to cover them or draw attention away from them by the maelström of activities and noise I can so easily create in my life?


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