The golden morning sunlight descends in the trees and on the houses of our neighborhood like the stage curtain at the close of an act; it signals an ending, but that is overshadowed by its signaling a beginning.

These words formed on my lips as I walked with Connor one early morning this week, and I began to understand what I hadn’t found words for since the start of the week.

The week was all about beginnings.

I began the new season of my career when I walked into the offices of Thomas Nelson, slowing only slightly as I waved while passing the receptionist’s desk on the way to my desk. Two visitors were at the desk signing in, so the “Sir!” that echoed from ten feet behind me just made me smile as I continued my confident stride. But when I heard a louder, much more authoritative “Excuse me, sir! Where are you going?” I stopped mid-stride. I’m not even sure my thoughts had caught up with my immediate reaction; it seemed to take a second or two to think maybe I was the target of the receptionist’s assertive inquiry.

I turned and found myself mumbling somewhat feebly about being a new employee and heading to my office, to which the receptionist replied “You will stop here every day to sign in and get a guest badge until you have your official employee badge.” I don’t remember what I said after that, but it was some variation of “Yes, ma’am” as I returned to the desk to sign in and receive my badge. This was a most-fitting way for the adventure to begin, and I’ve laughed about it each day since.

It was a week of embracing beginnings. New people. New surroundings. New responsibilities. New schedules. New commutes. New products. New relationships with former colleagues. New energy and enthusiasm. New stories to tell. New knowledge to assimilate. And so much more.

Exciting beginnings emerge like a treasure from a chest of good endings, and I’m so excited about the days ahead!



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2 responses to “Beginnings

  1. Debbie W

    Marjo is a love once she knows you. Otherwise, look out! Mama Bear in the house! Ha! Welcome friend!!!!! =:)

    • Marjo is awesome! She isn’t at the desk when I arrive. She starts a little later. (She let’s me take the visitors badge home and skip the signing out step, but don’t tell anyone that.)

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