About Dean

I am a sojourner, thankful for the opportunity to be husband to Melissa, dad to lovely daughters Sarah & Katie, and caretaker of a very special greyhound, Connor.

My blog is made up of reflections on life moments that have stirred me and left me changed. As I write, these experiences seem to grow deeper roots in my heart and soul. Putting these words on my lips often helps me recognize nuances I might otherwise have missed.

I once told a mentor “Life is so complicated.” The words echoed until in the eventual silence the sage response came.

“No. It’s really very simple.”

Perhaps that best describes the musings behind these writings. My heart longs for a deeper understanding of that simple answer to life.

My desire is to speak these moments into the light of community that I may be know better by some, and that my processing of life might be encouraging to others who are discovering they too are sojourners. Journey-mates, searching for the simple truth of life.

My intent is to post items twice a month. New posts will be announced on both Twitter and Facebook, and you may also choose to subscribe via email.


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